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Three reasons to join AROHE   


AROHE members, whether organizational or individual, join an extraordinary community that provides opportunities to connect with higher education retirement organization leaders across North America, learn from AROHE and member-shared resources, and succeed by seeing models of successful programs.

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Save Time

Visit the Knowledge Center to find AROHE Briefs, model programs, or "how-to" resources for starting and/or enhancing retirement organizations in higher education.

Member-shared resources such as survey questionnaires, annual reports, event planning templates, and fundraising ideas give you a head start in creating innovative programs and services. 

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Get Advice

Search for other members in the directory, engage a consultant, or ask questions in our forum.

AROHE members are knowledgeable about starting and growing retiree programs and organizations. Members share successful practices that are fueling thriving retiree organizations and brainstorm solutions to common challenges.

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Learn the Ropes

Glean ideas from our Idea Exchange webinars, e-newsletter, and conference.

AROHE members are hard at work collecting information about continued engagement for retired faculty and staff and are eager to share resources. Read about new developments in the AROHE Matters e-newsletter, watch our Idea Exchange webinars or attend our biennial conference. 

Who are our members?   

Retired Faculty/Staff

Similar to Alumni Associations, these organizations serve retired faculty and staff, support their campuses, and represent retiree interests.

Retiree Centers & Emeriti Colleges

Centers and emeriti colleges are ampus-funded units that serve as the connecting link between the campuses and their retired faculty and staff.

Campus Departments

AROHE members include units such as academic affairs, advancement, HR, and alumni relations that support all phases of faculty and staff retirement.


Individuals who are interested in developing retirement organizations in higher education are welcome as members.

Ready to Join?

Why wait? Let's get started and work together to transform retirement at your college/university for your retirees and for yourself. 

Complimentary One-Year Start-Up Membership

Do you want to form a new retirement organization? Join our dynamic network with a complimentary one-year start-up membership and utilize AROHE resources to build your organization. Start-up memberships are non-voting memberships available to individuals, or groups of individuals, from institutions that do not already have retirement organizations and that are not already members of AROHE. Click here to see if your organization/institution is a member

The start-up membership gives organizers time to build a new organization, focused on a defined group of retirees in higher education, before upgrading to paid membership. Retirement organizations may serve individual campuses or multiple-campus systems and could include any of the following (this is not an exhaustive list):

    • Faculty and staff retirees who do not have a local retirement organization;
    • Faculty and staff retirees who wish to connect with other retirees from colleges/universities within a particular region;
    • Faculty and Staff retirees from rural and/or small institutions with limited numbers of annual retirements, including community colleges and community college systems;
    • Faculty and Staff retirees whose institution belongs to a larger group of institutions that have an institutional connection via current employees, but limited or none with retirees;
    • Administrators or Staff who are interested in creating a retirement organization in collaboration with faculty and staff.

Regular Membership

When you are ready to join as a paid member, just click on the "Join now" button, complete the application and pay via credit card or check. The membership year is July 1 - June 30 and the amount is pro-rated for mid-year new applicants.

Organizational memberships are voting memberships available to retirement organizations, campus departments, or other units at an institution of higher education. Dues are:

  • $120 annually-small organization (organization/department budget under $50,000)
  • $300 annually-mid-size organizaton (organization/department budget between $50,000 & $100,000)
  • $420 annually-large organization (organization/department budget over $100,000)

    Individual memberships are non-voting membership available to those who are affiliated with, or who are interested in developing, a retirement organization in higher education. Dues are $60 per year.

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