Membership eligibility

AROHE memberships are available to campus-based retiree organizations in higher education, campus departments that serve retired faculty and staff and individuals who have previously been a part of an AROHE organizational member. AROHE members:

  • Network with retirees, retiree organizations and professionals from the higher education community.
  • Exchange information and ideas with other retiree organizations departments that serve retirees.
  • Help shape emerging retiree models and programs.
  • Heighten the value of the retiree-institution-community connections.

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"The Florida State University
Association of Retire
d Faculty (ARF)
is indebted to AROHE for s
haring ideas to help retirees remain connected to their universities. The following are some ideas our association has implemented: obtaining financial support and
office space from the campus, participating in campus-wide programs for retirees, working with HR to obtain additional benefits for retirees, providing scholarships for students and establishing a Valentine's Day VIP Tour of the campus."

~Fanchon F. Funk - Fancy, FSU

Types of membership

  • Organizational membership: a voting membership available to a campus-based retiree organization, campus department or other unit that is affiliated with an institution of higher education.
      • Organizational memberships are "Bundle" memberships. The retiree organization or campus department is the "Bundle Administrator." As the "Bundle Administrator," each organization can designate one primary contact and up to seven "Bundle Members," or additional individuals who are members of their organization to receive AROHE communications and access the members-only web pages.
      • The primary contact will receive all communications from AROHE, including billing and renewal notices, e-newsletters, event information and other general announcements. Additional contacts (Bundle Members) will receive e-newsletters, event information and other general announcements. All contacts can access the members-only pages of the AROHE website and subscribe to the member forum.
      • This category also includes an established retiree organization composed of multi-campus retirement leaders and/or start-up retiree organizations.
  • Individual membership: a non-voting membership available to those who have previously been part of an AROHE organizational member and wish to continue their connection with AROHE colleagues.


AROHE's membership year is July 1 - June 30. New members who join mid-year will pay a pro-rated amount which provides membership through July 1.

Organizational members' dues are based on the annual budget of the retiree organization or campus department that provides retiree programs:

  • $120-small (organization/department budget, including salaries for paid staff, under $50,000)
  • $300-mid-size (organization/department budget, including salaries for paid staff, between $50,000 & $100,000)
  • $420-large (organization/department budget over $100,000)

Individual members $60

How to join

It is simple to join AROHE. Just complete the online membership application. Choose a membership level and complete the application. Once the application is submitted, you will have the option to pay online with a credit card or print your invoice and send it to AROHE with a check.

Memberships paid by credit card will be activated immediately; memberships paid by check will be activated as soon as the check is received. Once your membership has been activated, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing the members-only web pages.

Members can log in anytime to update your profile information and preferences for AROHE communications and the online directory.

Contact AROHE: email (preferred) or call 213-740-5037

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