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Association of Retirement Organizations
in Higher Education

2024 AROHE Board of Directors: Roger Baldwin, president; Cherie Hamilton, president-elect; Susan Kress, Secretary; Caroline Kane, Treasurer; William Verdini, past president; and board members Charles DeSantis, Tom Hart, Hoke Hill, Eric Hockert, Kaye Jeter, Ann Rethlefsen, Cary Sweeney, Joyce Szabo, Emma Ward.


AROHE is the first stop for college and university administrators, retiree organizations, and individuals seeking to serve and engage their retired faculty and staff.

AROHE gathers, disseminates, and fosters transformative theory, practices, and programs for all stages of faculty and staff retirement – the preparation, the actual transition, and post-retirement programming – to bring about a smooth and productive life-course change.

AROHE also assists in the formation and ongoing development of campus-based retiree organizations, which are essential to the intellectual, social, and physical well-being of retired faculty and staff.

These organizations deliver added benefits:  they ensure the continued loyalty of faculty and staff while channeling their seasoned expertise and abilities into continuing innovative engagement with their institutions post-retirement.

By pooling the successes of its member organizations AROHE has developed a vibrant culture of optimal aging within this vitally talented cohort.

AROHE is governed by its Board of Directors and its bylaws. AROHE Bylaws.

Mission Statement

AROHE champions transformative practices to support all stages of faculty and staff retirement, the mutually beneficial engagement of retirees with one another and with their institutions, and their continuing contributions to campus and community life.

By sharing research, innovative ideas and successful practices, AROHE supports the development and enhancement of campus-based retirement organizations and programs which support retirees' lifelong engagement in higher education.

History of AROHE

AROHE was incorporated in 2002 as a public-benefit, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with the goal of advocacy in optimizing the lives of retirees from colleges and universities through retiree organizations at higher education institutions. AROHE was formed to recognize the uniqueness of retirees from higher education and to spearhead the movement by colleges and universities to organize this resource.

AROHE evolved from 15 years of informal conferences hosted by individual universities and was significantly influenced by the longstanding, successful retiree organizations established at some large universities such as Florida State University, Emory University, Clemson University, UCLA, UC Berkeley, University of Southern California, Indiana University, and the University of Washington. AROHE continues to provide ongoing opportunities for member networking and sharing of successful practices and programs.

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