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Association of Retirement Organizations
in Higher Education

Past Presidents & Early Organizers

AROHE owes much gratitude to these AROHE champions who led AROHE from its preliminary planning years to its fledgling days as a new organization in the early 2000s to the thriving organization that it has become. 

Past Presidents:

William A. Verdini, Past President, 2021-2022

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Bill is a professor emeritus of supply chain management. He served as the dean of the Arizona State University Emeritus College 2015-19. He strives to contribute to AROHE’s mission to foster the success of existing retirement organizations and to create new retirement organizations that will harness the remarkable talents of retired faculty and staff for the service of their institutions and communities.

Trudy Fernandez, Immediate Past President, 2019-2020

Florida International University, Miami, FL

Trudy a founding director of the Florida International University Retiree Association and has served 20 years as a human resources professional in higher education. She has served AROHE in various capacities since 2013. In addition to being past-president, she chairs the AROHE Nominations Committee. She works to bring greater visibility to AROHE globally and expand services and networking opportunities for its membership constituents.

Caroline Kane, Past President 2017-2018

University of California Berkeley (UCB), Berkeley, CA

Caroline is a professor emeritus of biochemistry and co-founder of the UCB Biology Scholars Program, where she promoted access to higher education for underrepresented students. She is active in the UCB Emeriti Association. In addition to serving as AROHE treasurer, she is a past president and serves as chair of the AROHE Sponsorship Committee. Caroline works to make AROHE the go-to organization about retirement in higher education for colleges/universities, government entities and the media.

Patrick Cullinane, Past President 2015-2016

University of California Berkeley (UCB), Berkeley, CA

Patrick retired after 46 years of community development service, mostly for community based services for older adults and their families. He retired as director of the Retirement Center at UC Berkeley. Prior to Berkeley, Patrick was director of special projects for 18 years at the American Society on Aging. Patrick continues his commitment to professional and other communities as editor of AROHE Matters and co- chair of the Kaiser Hospital Oakland Member Advisory Council. In his personal and professional life, Patrick stays focused on transforming his retirement in life’s next chapter.

Sue Barnes

Sue Barnes, Past President, 2013-2014

UCLA, Los Angeles, CA and UC Davis, Davis, CA

Sue retired from UCLA after nearly 25 years of service to the University of California, first at UC Davis, then at UCLA. During the last 10 years of her career she directed the retirement centers at the two universities, where she discovered her passion for serving older adults. She has been active with AROHE since 2009, and is a past president of the association. As executive director, she keeps the office running smoothly and supports the board of directors.

Bobbie Lubker, Past President 2011-2012

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC

Bobbie Boyd Lubker is a professor emerita at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where she served as secretary, vice president and president of their Retired Faculty Association. Her teaching and research focused on young children and their families, the epidemiology of childhood disabilities, and agencies such as hospital schools where public health and public education meet. Bobbie holds a master’s and license in speech-language pathologist and a doctorate in public health epidemiology.

Barry Culhane, Past President 2009-2010

Rochester Insitute of Technology, Rochester, NY

Barry Culhane is professor emeritus and former executive assistant to the president at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). He is a graduate of the University of Windsor, Canada, and received his Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Rochester. He served as the president of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial of Greater Rochester, Inc., and he received the RIT President’s Award for Excellence and Roger Robach Award for his work on the Vietnam Memorial. He is a founding member of AROHE as well as a past president.

Janette Brown

Janette Brown, Past President, 2007-2008

University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA

Janette is director of the USC Emeriti Center as well as assistant vice provost and adjunct faculty at the USC Davis School of Gerontology. In these roles, she connects the university with the inter-generational and inter-disciplinary cultural and intellectual capital of the USC retiree community. Janette served as the executive director of AROHE for 14 years. She continues to advise the AROHE board, providing valuable insight and historical knowledge.

Shelley Glazer, Past President 2005-2006

University of California Berkeley (UCB), Berkeley, CA

Shelley was founding director of the UC Berkeley Retirement Center in 1997 and a founding member of AROHE, serving as its president, vice-president, and chairing the 2002, 2004, and 2006 conferences. With Elizabeth Redmon of USC, and Karen Robinson of Arizona State University, she authored the first article about retirement organizations in higher education published in an academic journal. She received her MSW and MPH from UC Berkeley and worked as a gerontologist for 37 years in community, medical, and academic settings. She is professor emerita of health education and aging and chair emerita of the Older Adults Department, at City College of San Francisco.

Eugene Bianchi, Past President 2004-2005

Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Eugene C. Bianchi is an emeritus professor of religion at Emory University where he was the founding director of the Emeritus College. He is the author (with Peter McDonough) of "Passionate Uncertainty: Inside the American Jesuits," "The Bishop of San Francisco: Romance, Intrigue and Religion," and "The Children’s Crusade: Scandal at the Vatican." His articles and books have been in the areas of spirituality, creative aging, church reform and issues of culture and religion.

Paul Hadley, Founding President 2002-2003

University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA

Paul E. Hadley, USC distinguished emeritus professor of international relations, joined USC in 1945 as an instructor. He earned USC master’s and doctorate degrees in comparative literature while teaching, then began a career in university administration. Hadley served as dean of the USC Continuing Education College, associate vice president for academic administration & research, and vice president for academic affairs. Hadley retired in 1981, then directed the USC Emeriti College from 1990 to 1998 and served as the USC Emeriti Center executive director from 1996 to 2001. He led the beginnings of AROHE as a founding member and the organizaton's first president.

Past Executive Directors:

Janette Brown, Past Executive Director 2005-2019

University of Southern California (USC)

See profile and photo above.

Betty Redmon, Past Executive Director 2002-2005

University of Southern California (USC)

In 2001, Elizabeth Redmon (MA, Theatre Arts) moved from her 25-year career as administrator for USC Pathology to succeed Paul Hadley as Executive Director of the USC Emeriti Center. Following his filing for AROHE incorporation in California with offices at USC, Ms. Redmon finalized its legal status by writing bylaws, procuring tax-exempt status and insurance, writing board resolutions and operating procedures and policies for a functional corporate office. Retiring from USC in 2005, Ms. Redmon now follows new careers in art, music, and writing.

With Special Recognition - AROHE's longest serving board member

Linda Pearson

Ivy Tech Community College, Terre Haute, IN

AROHE's Longest serving board member, Linda is an adjunct faculty at Ivy Tech Community College. She earned her Ph.D. at Indiana University in the area of human development with an emphasis in adult development and aging. She is currently chair of the AROHE Communications Committee and has previously served other terms as a member on the AROHE Board of Directors and as program chair for past AROHE conferences.

AROHE’s First Board of Directors, 2002:

      • J Paul Hadley, USC Emeriti Center, president
      • Gene Bianchi, Emory University Emeriti Center, first vice president
      • Shelley Glazer, UC Berkeley Retirement Center, second vice president
      • Harriet Servis, USC Emeriti Center, secretary
      • Norma Summersgil, San Diego State University, treasurer
      • John Paul Long, University of Iowa
      • Robert Henrickson, Oklahoma State University
      • Don Naylor, Illinois State Annuitants Association
      • Barry Culhane, Rochester Institute of Technology
      • Thomas Elleman, North Carolina State University
      • Kenneth Johnson, Florida International University
      • Peter Russell, University of Toronto
      • Susan Eklund, University of Indiana, Bloomington
      • Todd Hunt, Rutgers University
      • William Dando, Indiana State University
      • Elizbeth (Betty) Redmon, USC Emeriti Center, executive director (ex officio)

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