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What is AROHE?

AROHE is a dynamic member network that advocates for, educates and serves campus-based organizations for retired faculty and staff. By promoting a culture that values and encourages retirees' continuing contributions to campus and community life, AROHE helps colleges and universities to harness the remarkable talents of their retired faculty and staff to further the missions of their institutions.

What are the benefits of membership?

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AROHE communications

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May Issue Highlights

Articles: President's Notes *** Meet the New Director of Clemson University Emeritus College *** TCU Retiree Volunteering and Service: Member Survey Results *** A Virtual Eleventh Campus: The Ninth Inventory of University of California Emeriti Activity 2015–2018

Resources and Trends: Age Friendly University Free Webinars ***  Wisdom: A Customized Resource in Aging *** Teaching Older Americans to Identify Fake News Online *** Educational Attainment and Later Life Cognitive Functioning *** Navigating the Identity-Changing Transition into Retirement *** Aging Well: Strong Relationships

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Our national headquarters is planning to move. 

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AROHE Innovation Award

  • Arizona State University Emeritus College:  The ISEF-AZ Preparatory Program
  • Clemson University Emeritus College: Language Skills Program
  • Council of University of California (UC) Retiree Associations: Comprehensive UC Retired Staff Survey
Visit the Innovation Award WEB page to read the press release and learn about these  programs.  

AROHE Consulting Services

Provides experts in academic retirement to assist your institution.

AROHE Briefs

The AROHE Briefs series identify programs and practices that support retiree organizations as well as individual faculty and staff retirees. 

An earlier set of Briefs define the three primary types of retirement organizations in higher education. This set of Briefs, along with the AROHE Start-Up Kit, will be helpful to those seeking to establish a retiree organization on their campus.

Our new Brief, Legacy Projects, discusses and provides examples of legacy projects underway at different types of institutions. Legacy projects are efforts to ensure that contributions by faculty and staff to the institution and community are both recognized and remembered.

Other Briefs in this series are:

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