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Association of Retirement Organizations
in Higher Education

Engage Retired Faculty and staff for win-win benefits

Ready to get started with creating valuable connections between your college or university and its retired faculty and staff? College and universities can realize great benefits by providing services and programs to retirees and AROHE provides the resources and information needed to connect with this often-overlooked population.

AROHE members will find valuable resources to help create win-win connections with retired faculty and staff. Join today.

Retiree programs and services fall on a continuum, ranging from including retired faculty and staff in existing activities and initiatives to creating formal retirement organizations (ROs) with funding and support from the college or university. The three primary types of organizations are retired faculty and staff associations, retirement centers and emeriti colleges. 

AROHE members can learn more about these types of retirement organizations by visiting the Knowledge Center to access AROHE Briefs for each type of organization. AROHE Briefs are compact guides that highlight successful retirement programs and practices.

While the structure of retirement organizations varies widely, most share commonalities, as outlined below.

    • Similar to Alumni Associations but for retired faculty and/or staff; usually independent from college or university
    • Usually governed by volunteer board of directors
    • Primarily serve the association's members
    • Plan events and offer services to their members
    • Represent retiree interests and advocate for retiree privileges
    • Support campus' mission via philanthropy and volunteerism
    • Typically receive most funding from dues or donations

    • Campus-funded departments, typically housed in advancement, alumni affairs, academic affairs, or human resources
    • Led by paid professional staff
    • Usually not membership-based; serve all retired faculty and staff
    • Serve as the connecting link between campus and its retirees
    • Plan events for, and offer services to, the campus' retirees
    • Partner with other campus departments to facilitate retiree contributions to the campus

    • Campus-funded departments within academic affairs
    • Typically led by a retired professor, who may be paid or volunteer
    • Usually serve primarily retired faculty
    • Focus on scholarly and research-based activities
    • Facilitate retired faculty's teaching, mentoring and volunteering for the campus and community

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