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“Reimagining Retirement: Exploring Your Life Plan,” a three-part virtual learning series hosted by AROHE and Fidelity Investments,® explores the social, psychological, and emotional aspects of transitioning to, and living in, retirement. The series is geared toward faculty and staff in higher education who are contemplating retirement or who are already retired and is designed to help attendees to clarify their goals and understand the changes that occur during life’s next chapter. 

Reframing Your

Living Your Best Life: Habits of Highly Effective Retired People

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Retirement planning is complicated for all, but it can be especially challenging for those working in higher education because their identities are often tied to their profession. For some, the education and acculturation required to become faculty or staff at an academic institution leave little time to think about, or develop, outside interests. University of Toronto Sociology Professor Michelle Silver explored how careful planning for later career transitions can honor one’s lifelong commitment to their work. 

Reimagining Your
Personalized Plan

Reimagining a Personalized
Plan for your Next Phase

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After a long career of academic and workplace achievement, retirement presents a unique opportunity to create a different sort of legacy. New York University Work Life's Program Director of Retirement, Dr. Stacey Gordon, guided participants to examine their next phase opportunities, define goals, and make plans through a values-driven lens. Much of this can be achieved by drawing upon existing social networks and developing new connections and collaborations to support one’s goals. 

Rebuilding Your

Strategies and Resources for Creating Connections

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Once retired, many people feel a release from the intense pressure of a full-time work week and welcome this new flexibility. Then, for some, the giddy glow wears off as they try to adjust to unstructured days, and they describe unexpected feelings of being at loose ends. A panel of retirees from colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada will share their strategies for rebuilding their networks, developing new social connections, and identifying resources to find purpose in this next chapter.

Session I Speaker
Dr. Michelle Silver, University of Toronto

Session II Speaker
Dr. Stacey Gordon, New York University

Michelle Silver is an associate professor at the University of Toronto and chair of the Department of Health and Society. Dr. Silver’s primary areas of research include:
1) Work, Aging, and Retirement;
2) Health Information Seeking; and 3) Perceptions about Aging and Health. Her book, Retirement and Its Discontents, was published in 2018 by Columbia University Press.

Stacey Gordon, DSW, LMSW, is the program director of Next Phase Adult Caregiving and Retirement for the Work Life Office at New York University. In her role, she provides university-wide programming, thought leadership, and personalized consultations with faculty and administrators on adult caregiving, aging, and retirement planning. She developed and directs the NYU Society of Retired Faculty.

Session III Panelists
Dr. Jan Blustein, Marty Howard, Eddie Murphy, Dr. Louise Nasmith

Dr. Jan Blustein
New York University

Marty Howard
Boston University

Eddie Murphy

Dr. Louise Nasmith
Univ. of British Columbia

Fidelity’s mission is to strengthen the financial well-being of our customers and deliver better outcomes for the clients and businesses we serve. We understand the complexities involved with transitioning to, and living in, retirement extend beyond financial security. We are supporting this learning series to help faculty and staff understand these complexities as well. If you do have questions about your financial preparedness, or would like a second opinion, connect with us at Fidelity – Ask Us Anything. If you are interested in helpful articles and tools, visit Preparing for and living in retirement.

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