AROHE’s 11th Biennial Conference: Call for Session Proposals

August 10-12, 2014

Commons Hotel, adjacent to the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Hosted by: University of Minnesota Retirees Association

"Colleges, Universities and Retirees: Building Connections," the theme for the 2014 AROHE conference, leads the way for AROHE members and others to explore connections among and between retirees and higher education institutions.  The conference examines needs, practices, models and challenges in administering and operating campus-based retirees organizations. Click here to see more conference details. Registration information will be posted by mid-March.

Submitting a session proposal

Proposals may be submitted by AROHE members and sponsors; other retiree organizations, administrators and representatives of colleges and universities; retired or active faculty or staff or individuals.  Proposals are accepted from within the United States, Canada and internationally. Preference will be given to AROHE members and sponsors. The deadline to submit a proposal is Friday, March 7, 2014.


Session content

A variety of content is sought including practical, how-to guides; successful or innovative practices and models; stimulating discussions and reports of relevant research. While a wide range of topics are sought, proposals that address the following areas are strongly encouraged:

  • CONNECTING to, attracting and serving diverse types of retirees such as recent retirees, younger retirees, older retirees, staff retirees and faculty retirees;
  • BUILDING and strengthening connections between the retirement organization and the institution with supportive relationships, effective policies for retiree benefits and rights and retiree service to the institution;
  • CREATING connections through communications such as newsletters, technology (email & social networking), marketing and advertising of the retiree organization;
  • MAKING human connections by helping retirees adapt to change and transition, supporting the transition to retirement with pre/post retirement information and programs and through connections to the human resources office and other supportive structures of the institution;
  • HONORING retiree connections by recognizing and appreciating their contributions with certificates, awards, events and exhibits.

Session formats 

Session formats include poster sessions, 5 x 10 Talks (no more than five PowerPoint slides in 10 minutes), roundtables, panel discussions, presentations and other innovative forms of delivery. Click here to view more detailed descriptions of these session formats.


Review process

Review of the submitted proposals is by a volunteer committee composed of conference committee members and current and past members of the AROHE Board of Directors. Notification of acceptance will be made by Friday, April 4. The number of proposals submitted often exceeds the timeslots available; the committee will select proposals on the basis of:

  • Compatibility with AROHE's mission and goals
  • Contribution to the conference theme
  • Diversity within the conference program
  • Compelling session title and description
  • Appeal to conference attendees
  • Content that addresses a need, area of interest, successful practice or policy
  • Stimulating and engaging content and delivery approach
  • Adherence to proposal submission instructions   

Presenter policies   

  • All presenters must be registered for the conference on the day of their session;
  • Registration, transportation, lodging and similar conference fees are the responsibility of the presenters; AROHE does not offer honorariums or waiver of registration fees;
  • The contact person listed on the submission form will be informed about deadlines, submission of additional information, etc.;
  • AROHE will provide basic equipment such as a computer, LCD projector and screen, microphone and flip chart or easel; other equipment is the responsibility of the presenter(s) and must be approved in advance by AROHE and the conference hotel;
  • A head-shot photograph and a short biographical statement must be submitted for each presenter of an accepted proposal; this information will be included in the conference program;
  • Power Point slides and other handouts, if any, must be submitted three weeks prior to the conference; PowerPoint guidelines and submission deadline will be provided;
  • All session notes pages and handouts submitted by the deadline will be posted on the AROHE website for download by conference attendees before the conference; speakers may also bring printed handouts if they choose;   
  • PowerPoint slides and handouts will be posted for AROHE members on the AROHE website following the conference; presenters who do not use PowerPoint slides will be asked to submit a brief summary of their presentations (limit one page)   

AROHE reserves the right to decline, adjust the length or change the format of presentations. AROHE asks all accepted presenters to communicate and work cooperatively to make requested changes so that conference attendees will have a high-quality experience.


Please direct questions about the submission process to the AROHE office (contact information listed below).


Contact AROHE: email (preferred) or call 213-740-5037

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