AROHE Consulting Services 

AROHE’s expert consultants offer a mix of innovation and solid practicality with the ultimate goal of transforming retirement for the benefit of both colleges/universities and their retired faculty/staff. Consultants are available to advise on a variety of topics, including

  • Creating win-win relationships with your college/university's retired faculty/staff

  • Advocating for benefits and privileges for retired faculty and staff.
  • Starting a new retirement organization.                                                      
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of an existing retirement organization.
  • Seeking financial assistance for retirement organizations or retiree programs.
  • Making the retirement process easier and more appealing to faculty and staff.

What does consulting include?

A consultation begins with a conversation to identify the organization’s greatest needs and desired outcomes. Whether a client is in the beginning stages of establishing a retirement organization or further expanding an existing organization, consultants can  help jump start the effort by

  • Outlining benefits a retirement organization can bring to the college/university.
  • Identifying ways to engage retired faculty and staff into campus life.
  • Highlighting the many contributions retirees make to their institutions.
  • Showing the return on investment for campus support of retiree organizations.
  • Assessing retiree needs/interests via surveys and/or focus groups.
  • Identifying stakeholders on your campus and champions among your retirees.
  • Growing your organization at a sustainable and realistic pace.
  • Writing a formal proposal for funding, space or other support.

Consulting packages

AROHE offers four basic packages which can be tailored to meet client needs. Additional services, such as conducting surveys or writing/editing formal proposals, are offered at $75 per hour.

As a special introductory offer to new AROHE members, each package includes a one-year AROHE membership.

Level 1


Level 2

plus travel

Level 3

plus travel

Level 4

plus travel

Up to six hours of phone/email consultation


One-day site visit




Presentation to campus leaders





Written report of recommendations





Ready to get started?

Please click here to complete an interest form. The AROHE Consulting Services Coordinator will be in touch to answer your questions or provide a quote.

Contact AROHE: email (preferred) or call 213-740-5037

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